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Schriftenreihe: Hohenheim discussion papers in business, economics and social sciences

Nr. Titel Autor Jahr Band
1 The lost race against the machine : automation, education and inequality in an R&D-based growth model Prettner, Klaus et al. 2017 2017,08
2 On the possibility of automation-induced stagnation Gasteiger, Emanuel et al. 2017 2017,07
3 Inequality and guard labor, or prohibition and guard labor? Geloso, Vincent et al. 2017 2017,06
4 Automation and demographic change Abeliansky, Ana et al. 2017 2017,05
5 Gun violence in the U.S. : correlates and causes Kukharskyy, Bohdan et al. 2017 2017,04
6 Labour as a utility measure reconsidered Ahlheim, Michael et al. 2017 2017,03
7 Moral hazard in VC finance : more expensive than you thought Tennert, Julius et al. 2017 2017,02
8 Children’s health, human capital accumulation, and R&D-based economic growth Baldanzi, Annarita et al. 2017 2017,01
9 You can't always get what you want? Estimator choice and the speed of convergence Kufenko, Vadim et al. 2016 2016,20
10 Higher education and the fall and rise of inequality Prettner, Klaus et al. 2016 2016,19
11 The implications of automation for economic growth and the labor share Prettner, Klaus 2016 2016,18
12 Celebrating 30 years of Innovation System research : what you need to know about Innovation Systems Klein, Malte et al. 2016 2016,17
13 Illuminating the World Cup effect : night lights evidence from South Africa Pfeifer, Gregor et al. 2016 2016,16
14 Has the German reunification strengthened Germany’s national innovation system? : Triple Helix dynamics of Germany’s innovation system Yi, Seung-Kyu et al. 2016 2016,15
15 The effect of teenage employment on character skills, expectationsand occupational choice strategies Fuchs, Benjamin 2016 2016,14
16 Structural shift and increasing variety in Korea, 1960–2010 : empirical evidence of the economic development model by the creation of new sectors Yeon, Jung-In et al. 2016 2016,13
17 The quest for status and R&D-based growth Hof, Franz X. et al. 2016 2016,12
18 The contribution of female health to economic development Bloom, David E. et al. 2016 2016,11
19 Continuity under a different name, the outcome of privatisation in Serbia Ivanovic, Vladan et al. 2016 2016,10
20 The co-evolution of innovation networks : collaboration between West and East Germany from 1972 to 2014 Jun, Bogang et al. 2016 2016,09
21 Fuel for life : domestic cooking fuels and women’s health in rural China? Nie, Peng et al. 2016 2016,08
22 How important is precautionary labor supply? Jessen, Robin et al. 2016 2016,07
23 Deregulation of temporary agency employment in a unionized economy : does this really lead to a substitution of regular employment Baudy, Philipp et al. 2016 2016,06
24 A data-driven procedure to determine the bunching window : an application to the Netherlands Dekker, Vincent et al. 2016 2016,05
25 Population growth, saving, interest rates and stagnation : discussing the Eggertsson-Mehrotra model Spahn, Peter 2016 2016,04
26 Food insecurity among older Europeans : evidence from the survey of health, ageing, and retirement in Europe Nie, Peng et al. 2016 2016,03
27 The legacy of Friedrich List : the expansive reproduction system and the Korean history of industrialization Jun, Bogang et al. 2016 2016,02
28 Non-trading behaviour in choice experiments Ahlheim, Michael et al. 2016 2016,01
29 Democratic prospects in Imperial Russia : the revolution of 1905 and the political stock market Opitz, Alexander 2015 2015,15
30 The reversal of the gender pay gap among public-contestselected young employees Castagnetti, Carolina et al. 2015 2015,14
31 A data–cleaning augmented Kalman filter for robust estimation of state space models Marczak, Martyna et al. 2015 2015,13
32 Are sociocultural factors important for studying a science university major? Grossmann, Volker et al. 2015 2015,12
33 A neo-Schumpeterian perspective on the analytical macroeconomic framework : the expanded reproduction system Jun, Bogang et al. 2015 2015,11
34 The effect of project funding on innovative performance : an agent-based simulation model Bogner, Kristina 2015 2015,10
35 Commute time and subjective well-being in urban China Nie, Peng et al. 2015 2015,09
36 The long shadow of history : roman legacy and economic development - evidence from the German limes Wahl, Fabian 2015 2015,08
37 Internet use and subjective well-being in China Nie, Peng et al. 2015 2015,07
38 Bidirectional relationship between investor sentiment and excessreturns : new evidence from the wavelet perspective Marczak, Martyna et al. 2015 2015,06
39 Simulating knowledge diffusion in four structurally distinct networks : an agent-based simulation model Mueller, Matthias et al. 2015 2015,05
40 Offshoring and labour market reforms : modelling the German experience Beissinger, Thomas et al. 2015 2015,04
41 EuroMInd-D : a density estimate of monthly gross domestic product for the Euro area Proietti, Tommaso et al. 2015 2015,03
42 Participative political institutions and city development 800-1800 Wahl, Fabian 2015 2015,02
43 The impact of temporary agency work on trade union wage setting : a theoretical analysis Beissinger, Thomas et al. 2015 2015,01

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