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1 External nutrition stimuli induced proteome and phosphoproteome responses of maize root hairs and arabidopsis root microsomal fraction Li, Zhi 2021
2 PEP7 is a ligand for receptor kinase SIRK1 to regulate aquaporins and root growth Wang, Jiahui 2021
3 Prediction of protein-protein complexes by combining size exclusion chromatography and mass spectrometric analysis Gilbert, Max 2021
4 Treatment of benzene and ammonium contaminated groundwater using microbial electrochemical technology and constructed wetlands Wei, Manman 2018
5 Agrogentechnik und Biotechpflanzenproduktion : Entwicklung, Stand und Zukunftspotential Kuhn, Ekkehard 2016
6 Identification and analysis of a transcriptome of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) and population structure inference using different next-generation sequencing techniques Müller, Thomas 2015
7 Funktionelle Charakterisierung der Subtilase At4g21630 aus Arabidopsis thaliana Knappenberger, Mathias 2012
8 Heterologe Expression und molekulare Charakterisierung des Dirigentproteins AtDIR6 aus A. thaliana Pickel, Benjamin 2011
9 Charakterisierung der Matrixmetalloproteinasen (SlMMP1 & SlMMP2) aus Tomate (Solanum lycopersicum) und ihre Rolle in der pflanzlichen Entwicklung und Pathogeninteraktionen Pasule, Christian 2010
10 Changes in the concentration of particular hormones and carbohydrates in apple shoots after "bending" respectively chemical treatments and relationship to the flower induction process Boonplod, Nopporn 2005
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