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1 Decomposing a decomposition : within-country differences and the role of structural change in productivity growth Escobar, Octavio et al. 2019
2 Four essays on the impact of institutions, technological change, and globalization on labor market outcomes Cords, Dario 2019
3 Go east : on the impact of the Transiberian Railway on economic development in Eastern Russia Seiffert, Sebastian 2019
4 Identifying smart strategies for economic diversification and inclusive growth in developing economies : the case of Paraguay Hartmann, Dominik et al. 2019
5 International trade, development traps, and the core-periphery structure of income inequality Hartmann, Dominik et al. 2019
6 Investors and investment behavior in Germany, 1869-1955 Neumayer, Andreas 2019
7 Knowledge networks in the German bioeconomy : network structure of publicly funded R&D networks Bogner, Kristina 2019
8 Mapping Stratification : the industry-occupationspace reveals the network structure ofinequality Hartmann, Dominik et al. 2019
9 Soziale Marktwirtschaft und Ordoliberalismus : ausgewählte ordnungspolitische Aspekte und ihre Anwendung auf die Transitionsländer Ivanovic, Vladan 2019
10 United we stand, divided we fall : essays on knowledge and its diffusion in innovation networks Bogner, Kristina 2019
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