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1 Screening tools for late drought resistance in tropical potato Hölle, Julia 2023
2 Das Potenzial der teilmobilen Schlachtung von Rindern im Herkunftsbetrieb : Stressbelastung und Fleischqualität Zeidler, Johannes 2022
3 Effects of ensiling conditions on the nutritional quality of forage legumes and their impacts on rumen fermentation and nutrient utilization by cattle Aloba, Temitope Alex 2022
4 The effects of rumen nitrogen balance on nutrient digestion, protein metabolism, and performance of dairy cows as influenced by diet composition Kand, Deepashree Dilip 2021
5 Adaptation of herd simulation models to predict the efficiency of the use of resources in tropical ruminant production systems Bateki Adjogo, Christian 2020
6 Contribution of smallholder ruminant livestock farming to enteric methane emissions in Lower Nyando, Western Kenya Onyango, Alice Anyango 2018
7 Contribution of cattle breeds to household livelihoods and food security in southern Mali Traoré, Sékou Amadou 2017
8 Development of high quality niche products from local chicken and pig genetic resources Muth, Philipp 2016
9 Nutrient flow in improved upland aquaculture systems in Yen Chau, province Son La (Vietnam) Pucher, Johannes Gregor 2014
10 Climate change, cattle herd vulnerability and food insecurity : adaptation through livestock diversification in the Borana pastoral system of Ethiopia Megersa Bati, Bekele 2013
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