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1 Effects of chronic pesticide and pathogen exposure on honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) health at the colony level Odemer, Richard 2018
2 Establishment of reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction methods for the detection of newly described RNA viruses in reptiles : picornaviruses in tortoises, reptarenaviruses in snakes, and sunshinevirus in snakes Aqrawi,Tara 2018
3 Investigations on methodological and strategic aspects of genomic selection in dairy cattle using real and simulated data Plieschke, Laura Isabel 2018
4 Metaomic studies of the dietary impact on the structural and functional diversity of the rumen microbiome Deusch, Simon 2018
5 Selection methods for local breeds with historical introgression Wang, Yu 2018
6 Treatment of benzene and ammonium contaminated groundwater using microbial electrochemical technology and constructed wetlands Wei, Manman 2018
7 Using genome-wide association studies to map genes for complex traits in porcine F2 crosses Schmid, Markus 2018
8 Analyse komplexer Merkmale beim Schwein mittels SNP-Chip Genotypen, Darmmikrobiota- und Genexpressionsdaten Maushammer, Maria 2017
9 Fermentations- und Syntheseleistung der mikrobiellen Gemeinschaft des Pansens in vitro bei Variation der Grobfutter- und Stickstoffquellen Zuber, Karin Helga Renate 2017
10 In vivo and in vitro studies of degradation of inositol phosphates in the digestive tract of broiler chickens Sommerfeld, Vera 2017
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