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1 Analyses of quantitative traits in varying environments in pigs and Brown Swiss cattle Imort-Just, Nina Annik 2020
2 Immunocastration of male pigs Kress, Kevin Benjamin 2020
3 Influence of frequent regrouping and social status on behavioral, endocrine and immune responses of group housed pregnant sows Schalk, Christiane 2020
4 Investigations on ruminal degradation of nutrients and feeding values of single feeds and compound feeds for cattle Grubjesic, Goran 2020
5 Non-invasive welfare evaluations in horses : the usefulness of laterality Marr, Isabell 2020
6 Quantitativ-genetische und genomische Analysen zu den Merkmalen perinataler Saugreflex und Trinkverhalten bei Kälbern der Rasse Braunvieh Dreher, Clarissa Susanne 2020
7 Diurnal and photoperiodic effects on the immune system and glucocorticoid signaling in domestic pigs Engert, Larissa 2019
8 Effects of diets with different phosporus availability on the intestinal microbiota of chickens and pigs Tilocca, Bruno 2019
9 Investigations on nutritional characteristics of microalgae with emphasis on ruminants Wild, Katharina Judith 2019
10 Nutritional evaluation of oilseed press cakes in fish nutrition with emphasis on rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, W.) Greiling, Alexander Michael 2019
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