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1 Effects of a reduction of dietary levels of calcium and phosphorus on performance, bone minerals and mineral excretion of turkey breeder hens in the rearing and laying period Gickel, Julia Maria 2023
2 Prediction of ruminal acidosis in dairy cows from milk constituents Seyfang, Gero Marc 2022
3 Studies on the extent of ruminal degradation of phytate from different feedstuffs Haese, Eva 2017
4 Vergleich der Wirksamkeit von 25-Hydroxycholecalciferol und konventionellem Cholecalciferol in der Fütterung von Zuchtsauen anhand von Blutmetaboliten, Leistungs- und Knochendaten Schnor, Stella 2017
5 Studies on the composition of the ruminal microbial community using grass silage and corn silage Lengowski, Melanie 2016
6 Effects of monensin and tannin extract supplementation on methane production and other criteria of rumen fermentation in vitro and in long-term studies with sheep Wischer, Gerald 2013
7 Variability of the protein and energy values of European dried distillers´ grains with solubles for ruminants Westreicher Kristen, Edwin 2013
8 Evaluation of the availability of different mineral phosphorus sources in broilers Shastak, Yauheni 2012
9 Investigations on the effects of forage source and feed particle size on ruminal fermentation and microbial protein synthesis in vitro Hildebrand, Bastian 2012
10 Efficiency and productivity in pig nutrition Mosenthin, Rainer 2011
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