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1 Performance and governance challenges of a government-funded microcredit program for the handloom weavers in Bangladesh Parvin, Mst. Tania 2019
2 Analysis of phytosociological composition and spatial structure of the central zone of Lake Baikal Eastern coast vegetation Brianskaia, Elena 2018
3 Fernerkundungsgestützte Analyse und Bewertung ökologischer Auswirkungen des Anbaus von Bioenergiepflanzen auf die Agro-Biodiversität anhand der Modellierung der Habitatansprüche der Feldlerche (Alauda arvensis) Schlager, Patric 2017
4 Spatial and functional determinants of long-term fecundity in serotinous shrub communities Nottebrock, Henning 2016
5 Testing vegetation flammability : examining seasonal and local differences in six mediterranean tree species Kauf, Zorica 2016
6 Rye (Secale cereale L.) : agronomic performance under drought and methods of crop physiology to determine the drought tolerance of winter rye Kottmann, Lorenz 2015
7 Biomonitoring of ammonia deposition by means of higher plants Ilogu Chibuzo Franklin 2013
8 Ecology of alluvial arable land polluted by copper mine tailings : new insights for restoration Nikolic, Nina 2013
9 Effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations on insects and pathogens of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L. cv. Triso) and oilseed rape(Brassica napus cv. Campino) Oehme, Viktoriya 2012
10 Air pollution by particulate matter and ammonia at suburban and rural sites in the North China Plain Kopsch, Jenny 2011
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