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1 Bringing light into the dark side of digitalization : consequences, antecedents, and mitigation mechanisms Schmied, Fabian 2023
2 Essays in health economics Meng, Fan 2023
3 Sustainable interaction with digital technologies : fostering pro-environmental behavior and maintaining mental health Berger, Michelle 2023
4 The impacts of conflict and climate change on food security and nutrition in Chad Bachofer, Robert Paul 2023
5 Unlocking the power of generative AI models and systems such asGPT-4 and ChatGPT for higher education Gimpel, Henner et al. 2023
6 Asylum migration of Afghans and Syrians to Germany : opportunities and challenges during transit and integration Torfa, Masooma 2022
7 Baseline assessment and cost analysis of a supplementary feeding intervention on Adivasi children in West Bengal, India : How to diversify diets with locally available resources cost-effectively to reduce the burden of child and maternal undernutrition and anaemia? Golembiewski, Silvia 2022
8 International student mobility, student exchange programs, and migration : evidence from gravity estimations Reczkowski, Isabella 2022
9 Kommunikationsprobleme zwischen Landwirtschaft und Naturschutz in Deutschland und ihre Ursachen Menauer, Verena Theresa 2022
10 Professionelle unterrichtsbezogene Kommunikation zwischen berufsschulischen Lehrkräften Schadt, Christian 2022
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