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1 "Coloring foods" - development of a suitable cultivation and harvesting system for florets of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) Steberl, Kathrin 2021
2 An analysis of gender in intra-household decision-making as an important socio-economic factor in agriculture-nutrition linkages Sariyev, Orkhan 2021
3 An economic analysis of fish demand and livelihood outcomes of small-scale aquaculture in Myanmar Aung, Yee Mon 2021
4 Banana weevil borer (Cosmopolites sordidus) : plant defense responses and control options Bakaze, Elyeza 2021
5 Bedarfsgerechte Stickstoffernährung von Hopfen (Humulus lupulus L.) durch Düngesysteme mit Fertigation Stampfl, Johannes 2021
6 Behavioral economic impact on animal health surveillance system in Thailand Kewprasopsak, Tossapond 2021
7 Breeding for resistance to Fusarium ear diseases in maize and small-grain cereals using genomic tools Gaikpa, David Sewordor 2021
8 Challenges of sustainable wastewater management in Pakistan : a case study of Faisalabad Jabeen, Saima 2021
9 Characterisation of the sensitivity of Zymoseptoria tritici to demethylation inhibitors in Europe Huf, Anna 2021
10 Corporate innovation systems and the effect of continuity, competence, and cooperation on innovation performance Kötting, Michael 2021
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