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1 "Coloring foods" - development of a suitable cultivation and harvesting system for florets of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) Steberl, Kathrin 2021
2 Behavioral economic impact on animal health surveillance system in Thailand Kewprasopsak, Tossapond 2021
3 Breeding for resistance to Fusarium ear diseases in maize and small-grain cereals using genomic tools Gaikpa, David Sewordor 2021
4 Corporate innovation systems and the effect of continuity, competence, and cooperation on innovation performance Kötting, Michael 2021
5 Environmental and farm management effects on food nutrient concentrations and yields of East African staple food crops Fischer, Sahrah 2021
6 Lokale Kommunikation und Lokalmedien im Online-Zeitalter : Kommunikationsräume im Stadt-Land-Vergleich Brückner, Lara 2021
7 Mid-infrared spectroscopy and enzyme activity temperature sensitivities as experimental proxies to reduce parameter uncertainty of soil carbon models Laub, Moritz 2021
8 Rice genotypic variation on phenological development and yield performance in cold prone high altitude cropping systems Abera, Bayuh Belay 2021
9 Strategic network planning in biomass-based supply chains Fichtner, Stephan 2021
10 The effects of rumen nitrogen balance on nutrient digestion, protein metabolism, and performance of dairy cows as influenced by diet composition Kand, Deepashree Dilip 2021
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