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Die 10 neuesten Publikationen

Nr. Titel Autor Datum, Typ
1 Encompassing tests for value at risk and expected shortfall multi-step forecasts based on inference on the boundary Dimitriadis, Timo et al. 20.10.2020, ResearchPaper
2 The heterogeneous effects of Chinas accession to the world trade organization Jung, Benjamin 20.10.2020, ResearchPaper
3 Divergence in labour force growth : should wages and prices grow faster in Germany? Beissinger, Thomas et al. 20.10.2020, ResearchPaper
4 Overconfidence and gender differences in wage expectations Briel, Stephanie et al. 20.10.2020, ResearchPaper
5 Its a mans world? The rise of female entrepreneurship during privatization in Serbia Ivanovic, Vladan et al. 20.10.2020, ResearchPaper
6 Socio-economic analysis of aquaculture groups in Hta Naung Wun Village and Shwe Baw Kyun Village in Shwebo Township, Myanmar Casagua Diaz, Lizeth Tatiana 13.10.2020, Masterarbeit
7 Development of strategies for the prioritization of organic trace substances in water by effect-directed analysis Stütz, Lena 13.10.2020, Dissertation
8 Measurement of sustainability at farm-level : stakeholders perceptions and indicators of the social dimension Herrera Sabillon, Beatriz Soledad 13.10.2020, Dissertation
9 Analyse von Wachstum und Qualität von Weizen unter ansteigender CO2 Konzentration als Folge des Klimawandels Dier, Markus 13.10.2020, Dissertation
10 Biotechnological conversion of lignocellulose hydrolyzates : model microorganisms for a bio-based economy Horlamus, Felix 13.10.2020, Dissertation

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