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Die 10 neuesten Publikationen

Nr. Titel Autor Datum, Typ
1 Assessment of stakeholder perception of implementing power-to-gas in the biogas sector : implications for risk governance Pestalozzi, Johanny Arilexis (born Perez Sierra) 23.05.2019, Dissertation
2 United we stand, divided we fall : essays on knowledge and its diffusion in innovation networks Bogner, Kristina 21.05.2019, Dissertation
3 Hidden miners the roles of cover crops and soil microorganisms in phosphorus cycling through agroecosystems Hallama, Moritz et al. 15.05.2019, ResearchPaper
4 The role of institutions and networks in developing the bioeconomy : case studies from Ghana and Brazil Scheiterle, Lilli 07.05.2019, Dissertation
5 Improvement of breeding strategies for the trait vase life in cut carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) Boxriker, Maike 06.05.2019, Dissertation
6 Assessing alternative options to improve farming systems and to promote the adoption of low-carbon agriculture in Mato Grosso, Brazil Carauta, Marcelo 06.05.2019, Dissertation
7 Four essays on the impact of institutions, technological change, and globalization on labor market outcomes Cords, Dario 06.05.2019, Dissertation
8 Essays on remuneration systems of financial advisors Weinert, Markus 29.04.2019, Dissertation
9 The porcine intestinal microbiota : studies on diversity and dietary impact Burbach, Katharina 29.04.2019, Dissertation
10 The potential of certification for climate change mitigation in the agri-food sector : a case study of carbon neutral certified coffee from Costa Rica Birkenberg, Athena 24.04.2019, Dissertation

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