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Die 10 neuesten Publikationen

Nr. Titel Autor Datum, Typ
1 Untersuchungen zur pneumatischen Aufnahme von Unkrautsamen Kahrs, Johannes 18.01.2021, Dissertation
2 Simulating the impact of land use change and climate change on the supply of ecosystem services in a rubber-dominated watershed in Southwestern China Thellmann, Kevin 15.01.2021, Dissertation
3 Agricultural education in Honduras : return on investment, quality, and efficiency Flores Rios, Maria Delfina 15.01.2021, Dissertation
4 Suitability of conventional flowering fields and organic lentil mixed-crops to promote biodiversity on arable land Gayer, Christoph 21.12.2020, Dissertation
5 Effects of strain, lifespan and dietary myo-inositol sources on poultry metabolism Gonzalez Uarquin, Duvan Fernando 15.12.2020, Dissertation
6 Combining remote sensing and crop modeling techniques to derive a nitrogen fertilizer application strategy Röll, Georg 15.12.2020, Dissertation
7 Investigations on factors influencing the response of broiler chickens to low crude protein diets with specific regard to nonessential amino acids Hofmann, Philipp 14.12.2020, Dissertation
8 Plant-based foods for future. Results of consumer and professional expert interviews in five European countries - EIT-Food Project „The V-Place“ Gebhardt, Beate et al. 10.12.2020, ResearchPaper
9 Stress hormone-induced immunomodulation and interplay between immune cells and bacteria in response to stress hormones in domestic pigs Reiske, Lena 02.12.2020, Dissertation
10 Improvements of the doubled haploid technology in maize Molenaar, Willem 24.11.2020, Dissertation

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