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Die 10 neuesten Publikationen

Nr. Titel Autor Datum, Typ
1 Climate variability, social capital and food security in Sub-Saharan Africa : household level assessment of potential impacts and adaptation options Assfaw, Tesfamicheal Wossen 17.04.2018, Dissertation
2 Does size matter? Implications of household size for economic growth and convergence Kufenko, Vadim et al. 10.04.2018, ResearchPaper
3 Biochar amendment for C sequestration in a temperate agroecosystem : implications for microbial C- and N-cycling Bamminger, Chris 09.04.2018, Dissertation
4 Investigations on methodological and strategic aspects of genomic selection in dairy cattle using real and simulated data Plieschke, Laura Isabel 28.03.2018, Dissertation
5 Effects of woody plants and their residues on crop yield, weedsand soil carbon fractions in selected arable cropping systems Xu, Jialu 27.03.2018, Dissertation
6 Characterization and management of Jatropha curcas L. germplasm Senger, Elisa 27.03.2018, Dissertation
7 The functional role of phosphorus-mobilizing bacteria in the rhizosphere of tomato and maize Nassal, Dinah 27.03.2018, Dissertation
8 Simultaneous lotsizing and scheduling - extensions and solution approaches Wörbelauer, Martin 27.03.2018, Dissertation
9 Entwicklung einer selektiv arbeitenden Reihenhackmaschine mit elektrisch angetriebenem Werkzeug zur Unkrautregulierung im ökologischen Zuckerrübenanbau Bucher, Ulrich Paul 14.03.2018, Dissertation
10 Social and positive sustainability performance measurement : theories, conceptual frameworks, and empirical insights Kühnen, Michael 14.03.2018, Dissertation

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