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Die 10 neuesten Publikationen

Nr. Titel Autor Datum, Typ
1 Savings banks and the industrial revolution in Prussia : supporting regional development with public financial institutions Lehmann-Hasemeyer, Sibylle et al. 27.07.2017, ResearchPaper
2 On the determinants of speculation : a case for extendeddisclosures in corporate risk management1 Hecht, Andreas 27.07.2017, ResearchPaper
3 The convergence of the gender pay gap : an alternative estimation approach Castagnetti, Carolina et al. 27.07.2017, ResearchPaper
4 Impact of rubber tree dominated land-use on biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Greater Mekong Subregion Häuser, Inga 25.07.2017, Dissertation
5 Evaluation of a UHF RFID system for livestock Hammer, Nora 19.07.2017, Dissertation
6 A study of integrated weed control strategies for establishing soybean (Glycine max L. MERR.) in the German production system Weber, Jonas Felix 19.07.2017, Dissertation
7 Integrated weed control in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris), using precision farming technologies and cover cropping Kunz, Christoph 19.07.2017, Dissertation
8 Costs and benefits of ammonia and particulate matter emission abatement and interactions with greenhouse gas emissions in German agriculture Wagner, Susanne 19.07.2017, Dissertation
9 Spatial differences in stunting and household agricultural production in South African : (re-)examining the links using national panel survey data Otterbach, Steffen et al. 13.07.2017, ResearchPaper
10 How do entrepreneurial portfolios respond to income taxation? Fossen, Frank M. et al. 13.07.2017, ResearchPaper

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