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Die 10 neuesten Publikationen

Nr. Titel Autor Datum, Typ
1 Die Bedeutung von Aquaporin interagierenden Proteinen für die Zelltodregulation bei Pflanzen und Tieren Straub, Anna Katharina 27.05.2020, Dissertation
2 Estimating heritability in plant breeding programs Schmidt, Paul 27.04.2020, Dissertation
3 Interactions of farming and plant biodiversity in weed control related ecosystem service provision and weed conservation Schumacher, Matthias 27.04.2020, Dissertation
4 The scientific revolution and its role in the transition to sustained economic growth Lehmann-Hasemeyer, Sibylle et al. 22.04.2020, ResearchPaper
5 The deep imprint of Roman sandals : evidence of long-lasting effectsof Roman rule on personality, economic performance, and well-beingin Germany Fritsch, Michael et al. 02.04.2020, ResearchPaper
6 Flexible work arrangements and precautionary behaviour : theory and experimental evidence Orland, Andreas et al. 02.04.2020, ResearchPaper
7 The retirement migration puzzle in China Chen, Simiao et al. 02.04.2020, ResearchPaper
8 Rising longevity, increasing the retirement age, and the consequences for knowledge-based long-run growth Kuhn, Michael et al. 02.04.2020, ResearchPaper
9 Going beyond GDP with a parsimonious indicator : inequality-adjusted healthy lifetime income Bloom, David E. et al. 02.04.2020, ResearchPaper
10 Agronomic strategies to reduce potential precursors of acrylamide formation in cereals Stockmann, Falko 31.03.2020, Dissertation

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