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Die 10 neuesten Publikationen

Nr. Titel Autor Datum, Typ
1 Load based evaluation of machines using the example of a tractor Balbach, Florian 18.02.2019, Dissertation
2 Metabolic chamber studies on energy- and macronutrient metabolism : impact of meal skipping and energy flux Nas, Alessa 18.02.2019, Dissertation
3 Socio-economic evaluation of sunflower agri-food chains in Brazil in view of the potential implementation of innovative plant protein ingredients for human consumption Sousa, Lucas Oliveira de 18.02.2019, Dissertation
4 A monetary-fiscal theory of prices in modern DSGE models Schröder, Christian Philipp 12.02.2019, Dissertation
5 Development of an on-line process monitoring for yeast cultivations via 2D-fluorescence spectroscopy Assawajaruwan, Supasuda 12.02.2019, Dissertation
6 Konzeption und Potenziale eines Gründungsklimaindex Kuckertz, Andreas 12.02.2019, ResearchPaper
7 Microbial regulation of soil organic matter decomposition at the regional scale Ali, Rana Shahbaz 28.01.2019, Dissertation
8 Genomic selection in synthetic populations Müller, Dominik 28.01.2019, Dissertation
9 Theoretical analysis and preference modelling for the valuation of ecosystem services from native pollinators in selected Thai rural communities Narjes, Manuel 28.01.2019, Dissertation
10 Factors influencing the accuracy of genomic prediction in plant breeding Schopp, Pascal 28.01.2019, Dissertation

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