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Die 10 neuesten Publikationen

Nr. Titel Autor Datum, Typ
1 Behavioral economic impact on animal health surveillance system in Thailand (corrected version of the dissertation) Kewprasopsak, Tossapond 14.04.2021, Buch (Monographie)
2 Behavioral economic impact on animal health surveillance system in Thailand Kewprasopsak, Tossapond 07.04.2021, Dissertation
3 The effects of rumen nitrogen balance on nutrient digestion, protein metabolism, and performance of dairy cows as influenced by diet composition Kand, Deepashree Dilip 07.04.2021, Dissertation
4 Lokale Kommunikation und Lokalmedien im Online-Zeitalter : Kommunikationsräume im Stadt-Land-Vergleich Brückner, Lara 31.03.2021, Dissertation
5 Promoting dietary diversification in the ASEAN region : exposing food taboos, and exploring the nutrient profiles of underutilized, indigenous food resources Köhler, Realm 31.03.2021, Dissertation
6 Development potential of smallholder livestock production in Zambia Lubungu, Mary 31.03.2021, Dissertation
7 Breeding for resistance to Fusarium ear diseases in maize and small-grain cereals using genomic tools Gaikpa, David Sewordor 24.03.2021, Dissertation
8 Towards a better understanding of land surface exchange processes over agricultural crop stands Bohm, Kristina 24.03.2021, Dissertation
9 A 2014 Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Uzbekistan with a focus on the agricultural sector Bozorov, Abdurashid et al. 22.03.2021, ResearchPaper
10 The effect of aging in the murine gut microbiome Hernández Arriaga, Angélica 17.03.2021, Dissertation

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