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1 Financial development and its effects on the structure of banking systems, economic growth, and inequality Gehrung, Marcel 2022
2 Investor beliefs and their impact on financial markets Hartmann, Carolin 2021
3 The connection between banking systems and the economy Schmidt, Daniel Alexander 2021
4 Strategic alliances, venture capital, and their roles before IPOs and M&As Brinster, Leonhard 2020
5 Corporate risk management : new empirical evidence from foreign exchange and interest rate risk Hecht, Andreas 2019
6 Founder CEOs and new venture media coverage Howard, Michael D. et al. 2018
7 Empirical essays on acquisitions Kolb, Johannes 2017
8 Essays in relationship banking : the efficiency of savings-linked relationship lending and credit information sharing Kirsch, Steffen 2017
9 On the determinants of speculation : a case for extendeddisclosures in corporate risk management1 Hecht, Andreas 2017
10 Die Marktrisikoprämie des DAX nach dem Dividenden- und Gewinnwachstumsmodell von Fama/French (2002) Hachmeister, Dirk et al. 2016
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