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1 A study of pasture cropping as an alternative cropping system for sub-saharan Africa Orford, Rohan 2020
2 Impact of land use change on soil respiration and methane sink in tropical uplands, Southwestern China Lang, Rong 2020
3 Photosynthesis, quantum requirements, and energy demand for crop production in controlled environments Schmierer, Marc 2020
4 Agrofuels, large-scale agricultural production, and rural development : the case of Jatropha in Madagascar Bosch, Christine 2019
5 Comparison of institutional arrangements for inclusive dairy market development in India Ravichandran, Thanammal 2019
6 Consumer acceptance of iron biofortified varieties of staple food crops Pérez, Salomón 2019
7 Investigating climate change perception and expectation formation for the advancement of agent-based models applied to agricultural adaptation assessment Eisele, Marius 2019
8 Measuring and modelling carbon stocks in rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) dominated landscapes in Subtropical China Yang, Xueqing 2019
9 Nitrogen dynamics in organic and conventional farming systems in the sub-humid highlands of central Kenya Musyoka, Martha 2019
10 Quantifying pond and labor productivity of small-holder aquaculture farmers in the central dry-zone of Myanmar Chertkov, Georgi 2019
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