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1 Climate change adaptation, social networks, and agricultural extension reforms in Ethiopia Tensay, Teferi Mequaninte 2016
2 Domestic support payments and trade distortions : the neglected issue in global general equilibrium modeling Urban, Kirsten Gunver 2016
3 Effects of agricultural commercialization on land use and pest management of smallholder upland farms in Thailand Grovermann, Suthathip 2016
4 Gender and equity in market-based environmental programs : case studies from Kenya Kariuki, Juliet 2016
5 Governance conundrum : understanding the dynamics of petty corruption in Bihar, India Verma, Rajiv 2016
6 Impact evaluation of improved rice varieties and farmer training on food security and technical efficiency in The Gambia Dibba, Lamin 2016
7 International agricultural price transmission and its implications for iomestic markets Yang, Fan 2016
8 Land use change, agricultural intensification and low-carbon agricultural practices in Mato Grosso, Brazil Dias Bernardes Gil, Juliana 2016
9 Management of excess standing biomass in Argentinean grasslands to increase grass and livestock productivity Kurtz, Ditmar Bernardo 2016
10 Modeling crop yield and farmer adaptation to rainfall variability : the case of Southern Ethiopia Bocher, Temesgen Fitamo 2016
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