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1 Seeing through two lenses: applying actor-centred and structural perspectives to understand farmer innovation and technological change Pircher, Thomas 2022
2 The potential of social innovation in rural revitalisation : a comparative case study from Taiwan Chen, Hsi-Chun 2022
3 Privatization of agricultural advisory services and innovation systems : the case of Brandenburg, Germany Knuth, Ulrike 2021
4 Agricultural education in Honduras : return on investment, quality, and efficiency Flores Rios, Maria Delfina 2020
5 Measurement of sustainability at farm-level : stakeholders perceptions and indicators of the social dimension Herrera Sabillon, Beatriz Soledad 2020
6 Public agriculture extension and information and communication technologies : a case study in South Wollo, Ethiopia Birke, Fanos Mekonnen 2020
7 Assessment of stakeholder perception of implementing power-to-gas in the biogas sector : implications for risk governance Pestalozzi, Johanny Arilexis (born Perez Sierra) 2019
8 Exploring the governance of traditional water reservoirs in the Mazandaran province, Northern Iran Mirzaei, Arezoo 2019
9 Capacity development of tribal forest dwellers through Participatory Forest Management in Bangladesh Kabir, Khondokar Humayun 2018
10 Collaborative water governance in Thailand : much ado about nothing? Kanjina, Sukit 2015
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