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1 Developing indicators and characterizing direct and residual effects of biological nitrification inhibition (BNI) by the tropical forage grass Brachiaria humidicola Karwat, Hannes 2018
2 Conflicts of human land-use and conservation areas : the case of Asian elephants in rubber-dominated landscapes of Southeast Asia Harich, Franziska K. 2017
3 Impact of rubber tree dominated land-use on biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Greater Mekong Subregion Häuser, Inga 2017
4 Abundance and diversity of total and nitrifying prokaryotes as influenced by biochemical quality of organic inputs, mineral nitrogen fertilizer and soil texture in tropical agro-ecosystems Muema, Esther Kathini 2016
5 Genotypic responses of rainfed sorghum to a latitude gradient Abdulai, Alhassan Lansah 2016
6 Impacts of the fungal bio-control agent Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. strigae on plant beneficial microbial communities in the maize rhizosphere Musyoki, Mary Kamaa 2016
7 Sediment, carbon and nitrogen capture in mountainous irrigated rice systems Slaets, Johanna I. F. 2016
8 The biocontrol agent Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. strigae - Monitoring its environmental fate and impact on indigenous fungal communities in the rhizosphere of maize Zimmermann, Judith 2016
9 Measuring and modelling resource use competition at the crop-soil-hedge interface on a hillside in Western Thailand Hussain, Khalid 2015
10 Salience, credibility and legitimacy in land use change modeling : model validation as product or process? Lusiana, Betha 2015
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