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1 Adaption to rainfall and temperature variability through integration of mungbean in maize cropping Khongdee, Nuttapon 2021
2 Benefits and trade-offs of legume-led crop rotations on crop performance and soil erosion at various scales in SW Kenya Koomson, Eric 2021
3 Crop yield and fate of nitrogen fertilizer in maize-based soil conservation systems in Western Thailand Wongleecharoen, Chalermchart 2021
4 Environmental and farm management effects on food nutrient concentrations and yields of East African staple food crops Fischer, Sahrah 2021
5 Mid-infrared spectroscopy and enzyme activity temperature sensitivities as experimental proxies to reduce parameter uncertainty of soil carbon models Laub, Moritz 2021
6 Reconciling indigenous and scientific ecosystem and soil fertility indicators in swidden systems of Northern Thailand Tongkoom, Krittiya 2021
7 Rice genotypic variation on phenological development and yield performance in cold prone high altitude cropping systems Abera, Bayuh Belay 2021
8 Rubber production in Continental Southeast Asia : its potentialities and limitations Golbon, Reza 2019
9 Compound-specific 13C fingerprinting for sediment source allocationin intensely cultivated catchments Brandt, Christian 2018
10 Developing indicators and characterizing direct and residual effects of biological nitrification inhibition (BNI) by the tropical forage grass Brachiaria humidicola Karwat, Hannes 2018
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