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1 Sequestration of plant toxins in milkweed bugs (Heteroptera: Lygaeinae) : physiological implications and mechanisms Espinosa del Alba, Laura 2023
2 Anthracnose in white lupin : genetic diversity, virulence and host resistance Alkemade, Joris A. 2022
3 Incorporating agronomic measures into integrated weed management strategies using pre-emergence herbicide cinmethylin to control Alopecurus myosuroides Huds. Messelhäuser, Miriam 2022
4 Physiological and ecological implications of sequestered cardenolides in the milkweed bugs (Heteroptera: Lygaeinae) Pokharel, Prayan 2022
5 Species of the Diaporthe/Phomopsis Complex (DPC) in European soybean and establishment of quadruplex Real-Time PCR for diagnosis Hosseini, Behnoush 2022
6 Characterisation of the sensitivity of Zymoseptoria tritici to demethylation inhibitors in Europe Huf, Anna 2021
7 Development of a sensor-based harrowing system using digital image analysis to achieve a uniform weed control selectivity in cereals Spaeth, Michael 2021
8 Development of a spatial data infrastructure for precision agriculture applications Jackenkroll, Markus 2021
9 Morphological and chemical plant properties mediate host plant selection of whiteflies (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) Stoll, Nina Sara 2021
10 Evaluating different management strategies to increase the effectiveness of winter cover crops as an integrated weed management measure Schappert, Alexandra 2020
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