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1 Strategies for sustainable pearl millet hybrid breeding in West Africa Sattler, Felix 2020
2 Characterization of genetic variation among Ethiopian barley (Hoerdeum vulgare L.) genotypes Abtew, Wosene Gebreselassie 2019
3 Comparison of omics technologies for hybrid prediction Westhues, Matthias 2019
4 Stirring up sorghum hybrid breeding targeting West African smallholder farmers low input environments Kante, Papa Ndiaga Moctar 2019
5 Characterization and management of Jatropha curcas L. germplasm Senger, Elisa 2018
6 Evaluation of association mapping and genomic prediction in diverse barley and cauliflower breeding material Thorwarth, Patrick 2018
7 Pearl millet breeding in West Africa : steps towards higher productivity and nutritional value Pucher, Anna Ida 2018
8 Factors influencing the accuracy of genomic prediction in plant breeding Schopp, Pascal 2017
9 Genomic selection in synthetic populations Müller, Dominik 2017
10 Speciation and domestication genomics of Amaranthus spp. Stetter, Markus 2017
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