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1 Effects of woody plants and their residues on crop yield, weedsand soil carbon fractions in selected arable cropping systems Xu, Jialu 2018
2 Evaluation of new open pollinating broccoli genotypes (Brassica oleracea convar. botrytis var. italica) specifically bred for organic farming conditions focusing on agronomic performance and glucosinolate content Sahamishirazi, Samira 2018
3 Nutritional regulation of DNA methylation and gene expression in maize Mager, Svenja 2018
4 Bio-effectors for improved growth, nutrient acquisition and disease resistance of crops Weinmann, Markus 2017
5 Biomass quality of miscanthus genotypes for different bioconversion routes Iqbal, Yasir 2017
6 Genomic prediction in rye Bernal-Vasquez, Angela-Maria 2017
7 Methodological approaches for assessing the environmental performance of perennial crop-based value chains Wagner, Moritz 2017
8 Model selection by cross-validation in multi-environment trials Hadasch, Steffen 2017
9 Analysis of phytotoxicity and plant growth stimulation by multi-walled carbon nanotubes Zaytseva, Olga 2016
10 Approaches to improve the implementation and expansion of Miscanthus production Xue, Shuai 2016
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