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1 Biological regulation of subsoil C-cycling Preußer, Sebastian 2019
2 Equifinality, sloppiness and emergent minimal structures of biogeochemical models Marschmann, Gianna 2019
3 Gamma-ray spectrometry as auxiliary information for soil mapping and its application in research for development Reinhardt, Nadja 2019
4 Hidden miners – the roles of cover crops and soil microorganisms in phosphorus cycling through agroecosystems Hallama, Moritz et al. 2019
5 Phosphorus-acquisition strategies of canola, wheat and barley in soil amended with sewage sludges Nobile, Cécile et al. 2019
6 Seedball technology development for subsistence-oriented pearl millet production systems in Sahelian West Africa Nwankwo, Charles Ikenna 2019
7 Spatial and temporal variations of microorganisms in grassland soils : influences of land-use intensity, plants and soil properties Boeddinghaus, Runa S. 2019
8 The role of Phragmites australis in carbon, water and energy fluxes from a fen in southwest Germany van den Berg, Merit 2019
9 Turbulent exchange of energy, water and carbon between crop canopies and the atmosphere : an evaluation of multi-year, multi-site eddy covariance data Eshonkulov, Ravshan 2019
10 Biochar amendment for C sequestration in a temperate agroecosystem : implications for microbial C- and N-cycling Bamminger, Chris 2018
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