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1 Constraints on microbial pesticide degradation in soils Wirsching, Johannes 2023
2 Microplastics interactions with soil organisms Schöpfer, Lion 2022
3 Modeling microbial regulation of pesticide turnover in soils Chavez Rodriguez, Luciana 2022
4 Soil microorganisms as hidden miners of phosphorus in soils under different cover crop and tillage treatments Hallama, Moritz 2022
5 Multi-objective and multi-variate global sensitivity analysis of the soil-crop model XN-CERES in Southwest Germany Witte, Irene 2021
6 Towards a better understanding of land surface exchange processes over agricultural crop stands Bohm, Kristina 2020
7 Biological regulation of subsoil C-cycling Preußer, Sebastian 2019
8 Equifinality, sloppiness and emergent minimal structures of biogeochemical models Marschmann, Gianna 2019
9 Gamma-ray spectrometry as auxiliary information for soil mapping and its application in research for development Reinhardt, Nadja 2019
10 Hidden miners – the roles of cover crops and soil microorganisms in phosphorus cycling through agroecosystems Hallama, Moritz et al. 2019
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