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1 Seedball technology development for subsistence-oriented pearl millet production systems in Sahelian West Africa Nwankwo, Charles Ikenna 2019
2 Biochar amendment for C sequestration in a temperate agroecosystem : implications for microbial C- and N-cycling Bamminger, Chris 2018
3 Measuring and modelling of soil water dynamics in two German landscapes Poltoradnev, Maksim 2018
4 Microbial regulation of soil organic matter decomposition at the regional scale Ali, Rana Shahbaz 2018
5 Linking microbial abundance and function to understand nitrogen cycling in grassland soils Regan, Kathleen Marie 2017
6 Soil microbial assimilation and turnover of carbon depend on resource quality and availability Müller, Karolin 2017
7 The functional role of phosphorus-mobilizing bacteria in the rhizosphere of tomato and maize Nassal, Dinah 2017
8 Effects of elevated soil temperature and altered precipitation patterns on N-cycling and production of N2O and CO2 in an agricultural soil Latt, Yadana Khin 2016
9 Microbial community structure and function is shaped by microhabitat characteristics in soil Ditterich, Franziska 2016
10 Fate of microbial carbon derived from biogas residues applied to arable soil Coban, Halil 2015
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