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1 Nutrition during pregnancy and early infancy in urban and rural areas of Deyang region, Southwestern China Gao, Haoyue 2022
2 Relative bioavailability of curcumin as affected by formulation strategies : from in vitro digestion and cell culture experiments to human clinical trials Flory, Sandra 2022
3 Ready-to-Use Food (RUF) from composite flour of local commodities in Banten Province, Indonesia for prevention and rehabilitation of malnutrition in children under five Fetriyuna, Fetriyuna 2021
4 Baseline assessment and effect of a supplementary community-based nutrition intervention study on the prevention/treatment of anemia among young Adivasi children in West Bengal, India Stiller, Caroline K. 2020
5 Dietary intake, nutritional status of lactating women and their 6-23-months-old children in Genta Afeshum District, Rural Ethiopia : adaptation and validation of calculator for inadequate micronutrient intake (CIMI) Desalegn, Beruk 2020
6 Promoting dietary diversification in the ASEAN region : exposing food taboos, and exploring the nutrient profiles of underutilized, indigenous food resources Köhler, Realm 2020
7 Nutrition and tuberculosis in Ethiopia : the role of vitamin D2 derived from sun exposed oyster mushroom on the treatment outcomes of tuberculosis Keflie, Tibebeselassie Seyoum 2019
8 Einfluss eines Glukoseentzugs auf die Strahlenempfindlichkeit von Tumorzellen und Normalzellen Ampferl, Rena 2018
9 Establishment of defined culture conditions for the differentiation, long-term maintenance and co-culture of adipose-derived stem cells for the setup of human vascularized adipose tissue Volz, Ann-Cathrin 2018
10 Tocotrienols, tocopherols and tocomonoenols : characterization in Costa Rican palm oils, and intracellular and tissue distribution as a function of the hepatic alpha-tocopherol transfer protein Irías-Mata, Andrea Paola 2018
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