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1 A study of integrated weed control strategies for establishing soybean (Glycine max L. MERR.) in the German production system Weber, Jonas Felix 2017
2 Anforderungen an Marketingkonzepte für Großtraktoren unter Berücksichtigung des Wandels landwirtschaftlicher Rahmenbedingungen Thiel, Jörg 2017
3 Bio-effectors for improved growth, nutrient acquisition and disease resistance of crops Weinmann, Markus 2017
4 Biochemical composition of biomass and its impact on the prediction of the specific methane yield potential Mukengele, Michael Mutombo 2017
5 Business cycles and institutions : empirical analysis Kufenko, Vadim 2017
6 Costs and benefits of ammonia and particulate matter emission abatement and interactions with greenhouse gas emissions in German agriculture Wagner, Susanne 2017
7 Demand-driven biogas production in anaerobic filters Krümpel, Johannes 2017
8 Electronic service allocation with private quality information Widmer, Tobias 2017
9 Empirical essays on acquisitions Kolb, Johannes 2017
10 Evaluation of a UHF RFID system for livestock Hammer, Nora 2017
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