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1 Adaptation of model organisms and environmental bacilli to glyphosate gives insight to species-specific peculiarities of the shikimate pathway Schwedt, Inge 2024
2 Mobile signals in plant parasitism Greifenhagen, Anne 2024
3 Sovereign and bank risk : contagion, policy uncertainty and interest rates Bales, Stephan 2024
4 The role of NLRC5 in obesity Bauer, Sarah Katharina 2024
5 A computational study on the effects of the organizational structures on the risk of different types of banking groups Jamshidisafari, Saeed 2023
6 Adaptations of Prevotella bryantii B14 to short-chain fatty acids and monensin exposure Trautmann, Andrej 2023
7 Alternative phosphorus resources from urban waste as fertilization You, Yawen 2023
8 Analyse der Maschinenkosten mittels automatisierter und manueller Maschinendokumentation im ackerbaulichen Produktionsprozess Lattke, Justus 2023
9 Analysis of aging-related changes and influencing factors on the metabolome of beef Bischof, Greta 2023
10 Application of nature-inspired optimization algorithms to improve the production efficiency of small and medium-sized bakeries Babor, Md Majharul Islam 2023
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