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1 Agrofuels, large-scale agricultural production, and rural development : the case of Jatropha in Madagascar Bosch, Christine 2019
2 Corporate risk management : new empirical evidence from foreign exchange and interest rate risk Hecht, Andreas 2019
3 Development of an on-line process monitoring for yeast cultivations via 2D-fluorescence spectroscopy Assawajaruwan, Supasuda 2019
4 Duales Lernen in der kaufmännischen Berufsbildung : eine empirische Analyse im Fach Rechnungswesen Maag, Louis 2019
5 Effects of diets with different phosporus availability on the intestinal microbiota of chickens and pigs Tilocca, Bruno 2019
6 Effects of nitrification inhibitors and application technique on trace gas fluxes from a maize field after cattle slurry fertilization Herr, Christina 2019
7 Functional larval-parasitoid biodiversity in apple orchards as benchmark for management intensity and potential instrument for ecological amelioration of Iranian apple production Lashkari-Bod, Abdullah 2019
8 Measuring grazing behaviour of dairy cows : validation of sensor technologies and assessing application potential in intensive pasture-based milk production systems Werner, Jessica 2019
9 Modelling and optimisation of no-till seeder dynamics for precise seeding depth Sharipov, Galibjon 2019
10 Negative affective states in customers’ service experience : investigating antecedents and mitigations Haager, Stephanie 2019
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