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1 A cropping system for yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius Poepp. Endl.) : optimizing tuber formation, yield and sugar composition under European conditions Kamp, Larissa 2020
2 Agronomic strategies to reduce potential precursors of acrylamide formation in cereals Stockmann, Falko 2020
3 Analyses of quantitative traits in varying environments in pigs and Brown Swiss cattle Imort-Just, Nina Annik 2020
4 Die Bedeutung von Aquaporin interagierenden Proteinen für die Zelltodregulation bei Pflanzen und Tieren Straub, Anna Katharina 2020
5 Flexible work arrangements and precautionary behaviour : theory and experimental evidence Orland, Andreas et al. 2020
6 Going beyond GDP with a parsimonious indicator : inequality-adjusted healthy lifetime income Bloom, David E. et al. 2020
7 Hohenheimer Genossenschaftsforschung 2019   2020
8 Influence of frequent regrouping and social status on behavioral, endocrine and immune responses of group housed pregnant sows Schalk, Christiane 2020
9 Interactions of farming and plant biodiversity in weed control related ecosystem service provision and weed conservation Schumacher, Matthias 2020
10 Phosphorus bioavailability of fertilizers recycled from sewage sludge and their suitability for organic crop production Wollmann, Iris 2020
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