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1 Agrofuels, large-scale agricultural production, and rural development : the case of Jatropha in Madagascar Bosch, Christine 2019
2 Assessment of stakeholder perception of implementing power-to-gas in the biogas sector : implications for risk governance Pestalozzi, Johanny Arilexis (born Perez Sierra) 2019
3 Bio-effectors for improved growth, nutrient acquisition and disease resistance of crops.- 2nd unrevised edition Weinmann, Markus 2019
4 Consumer acceptance of iron biofortified varieties of staple food crops Pérez, Salomón 2019
5 Crop plant reconstruction and feature extraction based on 3-D vision Vázquez Arellano, Manuel 2019
6 Diurnal and photoperiodic effects on the immune system and glucocorticoid signaling in domestic pigs Engert, Larissa 2019
7 Effects of diets with different phosporus availability on the intestinal microbiota of chickens and pigs Tilocca, Bruno 2019
8 Effects of nitrification inhibitors and application technique on trace gas fluxes from a maize field after cattle slurry fertilization Herr, Christina 2019
9 Entwicklung innovativer Pflanzenschutzprodukte und -verfahren als umweltfreundliche Alternativen zur Bekämpfung von Mehltaupilzen : Bericht im Rahmen des Forschungsprojektes: „Silizium als Aktivator bei Kulturpflanzen“ Weinmann, Markus et al. 2019
10 Functional larval-parasitoid biodiversity in apple orchards as benchmark for management intensity and potential instrument for ecological amelioration of Iranian apple production Lashkari-Bod, Abdullah 2019
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