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1 Analyse der Maschinenkosten mittels automatisierter und manueller Maschinendokumentation im ackerbaulichen Produktionsprozess Lattke, Justus 2023
2 Effects of a reduction of dietary levels of calcium and phosphorus on performance, bone minerals and mineral excretion of turkey breeder hens in the rearing and laying period Gickel, Julia Maria 2023
3 Entwicklung und ernährungsphysiologische Bewertung mikrobieller Hybrid-Phytasen Metten, Alexander 2023
4 Gaseous N emissions from a loamy soil as affected by N fertilization strategies, and by the use of nitrification and urease inhibitors - Results from field and incubation experiments Guzman Bustamante, Ivan 2023
5 Heavy metals from phosphate fertilizers in maize-based food-feed energy systems Niño Savala, Andrea Giovanna 2023
6 Impacts of temperature increase and change in precipitation pattern on ecophysiology, biomass allocation and yield quality of selected crops Drebenstedt, Ireen 2023
7 Landwirtschaft im Wandel - wie innovativ war die württembergische Landwirtschaft in den Jahren 1818 - 1877? Veh, Christine 2023
8 Mechanistic aspects of the eco-physiology of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense TR4 Were, Evans 2023
9 Phosphate turnover during anaerobic digestion of chicken, pig and dairy manure Dinkler, Konstantin 2023
10 Physiological mechanisms and growth responses of sweet potato subjected to salinity Mondal, Shimul 2023
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