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1 Agrofuels, large-scale agricultural production, and rural development : the case of Jatropha in Madagascar Bosch, Christine 2019
2 Anforderungs- und einsatzgerechte Auslegung von Fahrantrieben mobiler Erntemaschinen Häberle, Steffen 2019
3 Assessment of stakeholder perception of implementing power-to-gas in the biogas sector : implications for risk governance Pestalozzi, Johanny Arilexis (born Perez Sierra) 2019
4 Bio-effectors for improved growth, nutrient acquisition and disease resistance of crops.- 2nd unrevised edition Weinmann, Markus 2019
5 Biological regulation of subsoil C-cycling Preußer, Sebastian 2019
6 Consumer acceptance of iron biofortified varieties of staple food crops Pérez, Salomón 2019
7 Crop plant reconstruction and feature extraction based on 3-D vision Vázquez Arellano, Manuel 2019
8 Diurnal and photoperiodic effects on the immune system and glucocorticoid signaling in domestic pigs Engert, Larissa 2019
9 Effects of diets with different phosporus availability on the intestinal microbiota of chickens and pigs Tilocca, Bruno 2019
10 Effects of nitrification inhibitors and application technique on trace gas fluxes from a maize field after cattle slurry fertilization Herr, Christina 2019
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