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1 Mobile signals in plant parasitism Greifenhagen, Anne 2024
2 From alien to native Asteraceae : how effects of climate, functional traits, and biotic interactions on population growth change with residence time Brendel, Marco 2023
3 Investigations into the secondary metabolite profile and bioactivity characteristics of various Achillea species grown under different environmental conditions Salomon, Lysanne 2022
4 PEP7 is a ligand for receptor kinase SIRK1 to regulate aquaporins and root growth Wang, Jiahui 2021
5 Strategies and mechanisms of cellular interaction between the parasitic weed Orobanche cumana WALLR. and its host Helianthus annuus L. Krupp, Anna Clarissa 2020
6 Radial tree growth dynamics and xylem anatomy along an elevational gradient in the El Sira Mountains, Peru Niessner, Armin 2019
7 Neue Cytochrom P450 Enzyme des Sesquiterpenlacton Stoffwechsels der Sonnenblume (Helianthus annuus L.) Frey, Maximilian 2016
8 Spatial and functional determinants of long-term fecundity in serotinous shrub communities Nottebrock, Henning 2016
9 Identification and analysis of a transcriptome of Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) and population structure inference using different next-generation sequencing techniques Müller, Thomas 2015
10 Plasmopara viticola, the downy mildew of grapevine : phenotypic and molecular characterization of single sporangium strains infecting hosts with different resistance levels Gómez Zeledón, José Javier 2015
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