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1 A backscatter lidar forward operator for aerosol-representing atmospheric chemistry models Geisinger, Armin 2020
2 Large eddy simulations of the thermodynamic budgets in a small catchment Adam, Stephan 2020
3 10 W-Average-Power Single-Frequency Ti:sapphire Laser with Tuning Agility – A Breakthrough in High-Resolution 3D Water-Vapor Measurement Metzendorf, Simon 2018
4 Studies of soil-vegetation-atmosphere feedback processes with WRF on the convection permitting scale Milovac, Josipa 2017
5 3-D observations of absolute humidity from the land surface to the lower troposphere with scanning differential absorption lidar Späth, Florian Heiko 2016
6 High-resolution measurements of temperature and humidity fields in the atmospheric boundary layer with scanning rotational Raman lidar Hammann, Eva 2016
7 Microwave forward model for land surface remote sensing Park, Chang-Hwan 2015
8 The impact of irrigated biomass plantations on mesoscale climate in coastal arid regions Branch, Oliver 2015
9 Aircraft air data system based on the measurement of Raman and elastic backscatter via active optical remote-sensing Fraczek, Michael Darius 2012
10 Model evaluation and data assimilation impact studies in the framework of COPS Schwitalla, Thomas 2012
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