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1 Hohenheimer Genossenschaftsforschung 2019   2020
2 Solving productivity puzzles - on the nature of total factor productivity, technological change and the explanatory power of the mismeasurement hypothesis Zwiessler, Oliver 2020
3 Spatial data analysis in economics Jasny, Johannes 2020
4 A software for corporate entrepreneurship? The role of organizational culture for stimulating entrepreneurial orientation in family firms Arz, Christopher 2019
5 Biogas plant optimization by increasing its exibility considering uncertain revenues Fichtner, Stephan et al. 2019
6 Corporate risk management : new empirical evidence from foreign exchange and interest rate risk Hecht, Andreas 2019
7 Data quality and information loss in standardised interpolated path analysis : quality measures and guidelines Lenz, Annika et al. 2019
8 Decomposing a decomposition : within-country differences and the role of structural change in productivity growth Escobar, Octavio et al. 2019
9 Essays on modelling state-dependent dynamics : applications to financial time series Kuck, Konstantin 2019
10 Essays on remuneration systems of financial advisors Weinert, Markus 2019
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