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1 Screen for collusive behavior : a machine learning approach Bantle, Melissa 2024
2 Sovereign and bank risk : contagion, policy uncertainty and interest rates Bales, Stephan 2024
3 A computational study on the effects of the organizational structures on the risk of different types of banking groups Jamshidisafari, Saeed 2023
4 Arbeitszeitmodelle im Schweizer Gesundheitswesen : qualitative Untersuchung in der Maximalversorgung Linggi, Michael 2023
5 Artificial intelligence and robots in services : theory and management of (future) human–robot service interactions Blaurock, Marah Karin 2023
6 Consumer prices : effects of learning algorithms and pandemic-related policy measures Buchali, Katrin 2023
7 Empirical essays on agency problems in venture capital Koenig, Lukas 2023
8 Essays on investor communication in the context of startups Kaiser, Manuel Tobias 2023
9 Hohenheimer Genossenschaftsforschung 2022   2023
10 Institutions, contracts, and regulation of housing financing Braun, Julia 2023
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