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1 Migration and wage inequality : a detailed analysis for German regions over time Schmid, Ramona 2022
2 Navigating the digitalization of individuals as employees, customers, and themselves Nüske, Niclas 2022
3 Occupational regulation, institutions, and migrants labor market outcomes Koumenta, Maria et al. 2022
4 Personality traits and career success : a multilayered approach Höflinger, Vivien Francesca 2022
5 The compatibility of lean and innovation - The coevolution of lean management and innovations in the automotive industry Pischl, Carolin 2022
6 Unraveling the spreading pattern of collusively effectivecompetition clauses Trost, Michael 2022
7 Applied policy research through the lens of new quantitative trade models Walter, Timo 2021
8 Behind the scenes of emerging technologies – Opportunities, challenges, and solution approaches along a socio-technical continuum Bayer, Sarah 2021
9 Corporate entrepreneurship in the public sector : exploring the peculiarities of public enterprises Tremml, Timo 2021
10 Corporate innovation systems and the effect of continuity, competence, and cooperation on innovation performance Kötting, Michael 2021
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